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Welcome to Glory Days, a nurturing memory care facility located in the heart of Visalia, California. At Glory Days, we believe in preserving the dignity and enhancing the quality of life of those living with memory loss conditions, such as Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.

Memory Care Services in Visalia, CA

Our expert team at Glory Days is committed to providing a supportive, secure, and engaging environment for our residents. Our memory care program focuses on individual needs and capabilities, recognizing that each person's experience with memory loss is unique. We specialize in women's care, but our services are equally available and effective for men.

Our memory care services include:

  • Personalized care plans - Our team of experts work with residents and their families to develop a customized care plan that supports the individual's abilities, promotes independence, and ensures comfort.
  • 24/7 supervision and assistance - We provide round-the-clock supervision and assistance with daily activities, such as bathing, dressing, and meal times, in a respectful and compassionate manner.
  • Cognitive stimulation activities - To help slow the progress of dementia and stimulate cognitive function, we offer a range of engaging activities. These include memory games, music therapy, art classes, and physical fitness activities.
  • Secure environment - Our facility is designed to be secure and easy to navigate, with clear signage and safe outdoor areas for residents to enjoy.
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The Glory Days Advantage

Choosing Glory Days' memory care means embracing a lifestyle that respects the individuality of every resident, providing them with the care they need and the dignity they deserve. Here's why Glory Days stands out:

  • Specialized Staff - Our staff are specially trained in dementia care, understanding the unique challenges and needs of those living with memory loss.
  • State-of-the-art facility - Our memory care facility is designed with the safety and comfort of our residents in mind, featuring secure yet homely environments, and beautiful gardens for relaxation and activities.
  • Women's care focus - While we cater to all, our expertise lies in providing personalized memory care services tailored for women's needs in the later stages of life.
  • Family involvement - We believe in the importance of involving family in our residents' care, providing regular updates, and inviting loved ones to participate in activities and special events.