Visalia's First Assisted Living Facility in a Bed & Breakfast Setting

Memory Care & Assisted Living in Visalia, CA

We have helped ladies with dementia and their families for over 15 years.

Our ladies enjoy leisurely living in beautiful home-like surroundings, and .....we know how mom likes her coffee.

Glory Days offers a great alternative for families who are looking for peace of mind and smaller setting with 24-hour care. Our smaller setting provides direct access to the administrator during business hours, text updates, pictures of your mom participating in activities or making friends and chatting with other ladies.

Glory Days frees time for families to continue with busy schedules and reassurance that mom is being carefully watched and cared for by skilled Dementia trained staff. Families are encouraged to visit mom and taker her on outings. Your mom can still paint, bake, play games, exercise, and garden all in her new community of friends.

Our delicious meals are served in a beautifully appointed and comfortable setting. Meals are prepared with great care and skill using the freshest ingredients and seasonal fruits and vegetables.